How to Download Facebook Videos: Download Facebook Videos is the main task which we don’t know How to Save Videos from Facebook. So today I’m going to show you some methods on how to download videos from Facebook in an easy manner. Simply follow according to the steps and Save Facebook Videos successfully.

how to download videos from facebook

As you all know that Saving a Facebook video is somewhat a difficult task for people who don’t use the Internet regularly because Facebook doesn’t allow us to directly download the video. But we have our tricks to download without any use of the software. So simply follow the below tutorial to Download Videos from Facebook. Also read How to save GIF’s from twitter.

A Trick to Download Facebook Videos for Free:

As I have seen many tutorials on downloading facebook videos. But none of them worked for me. I have tried each and every trick and wasted lot of my time. So I don’t want you people to waste the time in searching. So I’m sharing the trick to download the facebook videos directly without any used software. This trick worked 100% for me and which will save a lot of time for you. Now your task is to follow according to the tutorial and save the Facebook videos without any problem.

I will explain two methods which work the best. They are as follows.

  • Save Facebook Videos without any Software.
  • Save Facebook Videos on Mobiles (Android & iPhone)

Follow according to the Steps which I give below. These methods are super fast methods to download facebook videos without any errors. So simply follow until the end of the article to get your facebook videos.

How to Save a Video for Facebook without Using a Software (#Super_Fast_Trick):

I usually Named this trick as a Super_Fast_Trick because I love this trick at most and it worked from me perfectly. So I love this trick and named as #Super_Fast_Trick. In this trick, we have divided it into 2 methods which are the methods to Download Free Facebook Videos. Using this method you can Download Facebook videos Online too without any errors or problems.

The two will be similar and easy to use them. So go through the two methods and select the one which you love the most.

  • Download Facebook Videos using Website &
  • Download Facebook Videos using

These two are video downloader sites. We can directly download videos from any websites using this video downloader sites. Now I will explain the step by step process in doing that. 

How to Download Facebook Videos from Savefrom.Net:

In this method, we are going to use to generate the download link for our videos. Simply we this method to download any video from any website not only on Facebook videos. Let’s move on the steps now.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Go to the video which you want to download and play it.
  • Right Click on the video and will have an option called Show Video Url. Click on it.
  • The Url of the Video will be displayed. Copy that Url.
  • Now go to homepage.

download video from facebook

  • On the Home page as shown in the below image.
  • Now Paste the copied URL in the box as below.

download videos from websites

  • After Pasting the Url it automatically shows you the video.
  • It Generates the Download link within few minutes.

how to save videos from facebook

  • Select the Quality and Format for the video and Click on Download.
  • That’s it!!!!

You have Successfully Downloaded the Facebook video with your desire quality along with the desired format. This is how we usually Save the video from website.

The 2nd method is also same will be similar as the above one. Simply do according to the steps.

How to Save Facebook Videos From

This is method is also so simple and easily done. The process will be same as above but we should do this on a different website. Let me explain the steps one by one.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Visit the video which you want to download.
  • Open the video and RightClick on it.
  • You will be having an option called  “Show Video Url“. Click on it.
  • The Video Url will the shown on the video as the below image. Copy the Url.
  • Now go to the Home page of or click here.

download facebook videos online

  • Paste the copied URL in the box as shown below and click on Get Download Links.

how to download a facebook video

  • It asks for the Quality which you want to download and format too. It can even convert the format directly before downloading the video.
  • Select the format and click on Generate Download Links.

  • That’s it. It generates the download link. Click on Download.

This is how we download the videos from Facebook using Simple and easiest way to download the Facebook Videos. These are the best two methods which you can use for free without any problem. But the next method is really the very very simple method. Which we don’t even go anywhere. So follow this method which super easy to do.

How to Save a Video from Facebook on Mobiles & PC (Android & iPhone):

In this method, we simply do one change in the URL of the Facebook. Changing that will leads to download the video. Don’t get confused I will explain each and every step below. This method is used in Mobile & PC. You can use this method in Android, iPhone and Windows PC. Simply follow the process and complete the downloading of a Facebook Videos.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Go to the Video which you want to download.
  • You will notice the Web address will be like
  • Simply change the “www” to “m” in the address bar.

Change TO

  • You should change the address as shown above.
  • Now the entire screen will be in mobile view.
  • Just play the video. Now Right-Click on the Video.
  • You will be seeing an option called “Save Video as”. Click on it.

That’s it!!! Select the location where you want to save the video which you have downloaded. This is how simple it is. It is really easier than the Above methods but you people should not confuse. So that is the reason why I explained three ways to download facebook Videos.

I think you people now have a clear idea on how to save a video from facebook without any problem or without any usage of Softwares.


Finally you people have learned How to Save a video from facebook. If you face any problem please mention them in the comments. We will try to solve your problems and replies you. Like us and share the Tutorial on social media networks. Stay Tunned to iMod Apks for More awesome tutorials.